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Inside The Everett Gaming Series

What makes The Everett Gaming Series so special? There is a special ingredient added to the mix of these characters that grabs readers. Each of the three characters in this book series all have something in common with their readers despite being into the BDSM lifestyle or not; the human element.

While it contains realistic BDSM elements, the two male Doms of the book series aren’t perfect. They are in fact human and make mistakes like everyone else and they don’t have all the answers.

The book series takes you on a journey mostly from the point of view of a Dom, Colin Everett, as he embarks down a road with a tortured, young, submissive, Sydney Burke. The series is emotional and dark as it shows you where Sydney came from and helps her move forward in Colin’s world. As with many forms of trauma, Sydney’s road to happiness isn’t easy, nor is it quick or constant. Sydney will grab the heart of readers as she goes through a plethora of emotions. Readers will feel Sydney’s confusion and fear as she’s propelled into another side of BDSM that she didn’t know existed.

The book series will show a common trait that many Doms have; the strong need and desire to care for someone they feel connected to and the lengths they will go to for that person. It will also show you what someone will do to fit in and try to succeed at surviving.

The Everett Gaming Series will take you on an emotional journey as you delve into the life of Colin Everett. It will be an incredible ride and I hope you will come along for it.

 Ashton Blackthorne

He’s the Bad Boy in a Good Suit and an author. The popularity of Ashton Blackthorne’s Insatiable Series has spread like wildfire in just a few short months. Interested in finding out what all the buzz is about? Visit his website and you can sign up to receive the first book in his Insatiable Series, “Broken”, for free. You can also follow him on Facebook and his Amazon author page.


Depraved Eros

The photographer of the books covers and books trailers for  The Everett Gaming Series. Aside from filming and photographing for the series, he also appears on the covers and in the book trailers as the character “Anthony Graves.” You can check out more of his phenomenal photography at



He’s the author and poet that “always leaves a mark” and a very dear friend of mine. HL37 is an incredible author and contributed some very special pieces to book three and four in The Everett Gaming Series with “Anthony’s notes”. HL37 spent a lot of time getting to know the man that he’d pen an agonizing path bleeding from his heart to the page. Before HL37 and “Anthony Graves” became friends he released his debut book, “Make Me Take It from You.” You can get his book for free by signing up for his emails at