Alone: Book 4

Cover for “Alone” is by Depraved Eros


Colin and Anthony’s world has gone dark. They’re thrown into a tumultuous mind game with Paul, a sadistic man who is determined to take everything from Colin. The weapon of choice…abduction. Paul takes the one thing that will destroy Colin and everyone close to him: Sydney.

Sydney’s only crime was being the one person Colin and Anthony can’t live without. As a pawn in a disturbing game of mental, physical and emotional torture, Sydney must rely on herself to survive. Alone, she digs deep to find her strength and love for Colin and Anthony to help her through Paul’s destructive plans.

“Alone” will claw at your heart in the most violent ways as you watch the damage unfold and hearts tear. The manipulative moves from the sadist take their toll on Colin, Anthony and Sydney. Colin and Anthony instilled strength and love in Sydney, but will it be enough for her to survive at the hands of a man dead set on shattering Colin?

*This book contains sexually explicit scenes, adult language, disturbing scenes that may be considered offensive to some readers. This book contains content that is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

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Trailer for “Alone” was created by Depraved Eros