Lost: Book 5

Cover for “Lost” is by Depraved Eros


How much devastation can a single bond handle? Especially when that bond once anchored three points.

Colin, Sydney and Anthony had just hit their stride in their special “V” relationship before hell broke loose. They’ve endured their pasts, their fears, an abduction, and betrayal. Can it endure what they’ve lost? Will their anchor still bind them if it only anchors two points?

It took a series of terrible events for Colin to realize exactly how much he needs Sydney…and Anthony. Without Anthony by his side, Colin begins to pick up the pieces. He has no choice but to be the strength, the shoulder and the shelter that Sydney needs. Sydney is relying on Colin, but even the strong ones will buckle and bend.

Sydney has endured a lifetime of agony and wants to move out of the darkness that fills her past. Even though Sydney’s home, she still feels in the dark as she struggles to understand the hushed secrets of what transpired while she was gone.

While much of the damage lies hidden, it will eventually surface and be met head on. They’re going to have to let go in order to move forward. But how will Sydney move on if she doesn’t have Colin and Anthony?


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Preview of “Lost”


Trailer by Depraved Eros. Music: “Silent Partner” – Ether